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Enviroment, Social & Governance - Corporate Responsibility at Cerdia

As an integral part of Cerdia’s strategy, Corporate Responsibility is closely linked to our day-today actions. Our approach is based on an ambitious framework for responsible corporate actions. This integrates social and environmental concerns in business operations and interactions with our stakeholders.

Following the fundamental principle and standards of ESG - Environment, Social and Governance - we focus on three aspects of sustainability, which translate into our target areas. Our strategic focus and this practical frame enable our leaders to identify directions, concrete actions and clear responsibilities for continuous improvement of our processes.


The way we perform as a steward of nature, based on our utilization of natural resources and the effect of our operations on the environment. This includes


The way we manage our relationships with various stakeholders and how we operate in the social and political environment. This includes


We define governance as sustainable corporate management. This is the way our company is governed to conduct business.

Our Sustainability Goals 2020-2025

Zero Medium/
Major Injuries

-15% vs. 2019


ISO Standards as core
Management Systems