Cerdia® DE-Tow
Accelerating biodegradation and preserving the environment –
independently approved and certified

Cerdia® DE-Tow

Cerdia® DE-Tow
Biodegradable in HOME COMPOST

Cerdia® DE-Tow
Biodegradable in SOIL

Cerdia® DE-Tow
Biodegradable in WATER

Cerdia® DE-Tow
Biodegradable in MARINE WATER

Cerdia® DE-Tow
First biodegradable certified filter tow
for degradable cigarette filters

Cerdia® DE-Tow: Speeding up Biodegradation

The growing request for a faster biodegradable filter material makes Cerdia® DE-Tow the tow of the future. It permits the production of faster biodegradable cigarette filters and makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment from litter.

Like standard filter tow, our Cerdia® DE-Tow is made of biobased (in itself biodegradable) cellulose acetate – but it is titanium dioxide free. We achieve enhanced biodegradability by incorporating a food grade additive within the fibers’ matrix that supports the essential microbial activity.

Superior Biodegradability: The key feature of Cerdia® DE-Tow

The fast biodegradability of Cerdia® DE-Tow has been externally approved, repeatedly verified and officially certified by independent labs and certification bodies such as TÜV Austria.

Marine biodegradability

Cerdia® DE-Tow proved to be quickly biodegradable in marine water (< 160 days according to ASTM D6691), and there was no negative effect in an aquatic toxicity test (performed in accordance with the requirements of the OK biodegradable MARINE certification scheme of TÜV Austria).

Faster biodegradation in diverse environments

Cerdia® DE-Tow biodegrades faster than a common cellulose acetate filter tow in diverse natural environments as well as under biological waste management conditions. This has been repeatedly verified by an external lab, e.g. in water, soil, compost and home compost, and is certified by TÜV Austria. The certificates are valid for all current fiber thicknesses in the Cerdia portfolio.

For cigarette filters with superior biodegradability

Cerdia® DE-Tow permits the production of faster biodegradable cigarette filters. The superior biodegradability could be demonstrated with smoked cigarette butts (e.g. in marine water and compost).

Perfect Performance: Processing Cerdia® DE-Tow

The processability, filter design options, filter rod parameters and smoke chemistry are equivalent to standard tow. This makes processing Cerdia® DE-Tow particularly easy and reliable for our customers – no additional equipment or changes at rod makers required!

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